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Team Rubicon

Join our team and get involved! Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for our cause. Choose from the options below to get started in a few short minutes!

Get Involved by Fundraising

Operation: Humble Trooper The largest fire in WA state history has now spread across more than 300,000 acres, impacting the communities in Okanogan County. This fast moving wild fire has destroyed more than 150 homes...
Kerry Schmitt Remembrance Fund In April, 2014 Team Rubicon lost a close friend and longtime supporter. Kerry Schmitt, born in 1952, was a tried and true Wisconsinite. He was an Alumnus of the University of Wis...
July Resupply You know what season it is? It's not summer. It's hurricane season. In the past few years, we've punched a few hurricanes in the mouth (lookin' at you Sandy, you too Isaac...
Clay Hunt Fellowship Program   The Clay Hunt Fellowship is a leadership program designed to meet the growing demands of Team Rubicon's regional development.  The program provides a one-year fellowsh...
The Holidays 33% of all donations are made during these holiday months. Try giving up a gift or two and ask for donations instead!
Birthday Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.
Sports Whether you're running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting opportunity to raise funds & awareness for a cause you care about.
Be Creative Grow a mustache, shave your head, play a video game, dance all day. Do your thing, just do it for a cause. Go ahead. Get creative!
In Honor Of Celebrate the memory of someone you love by raising money for a cause they care about.

Get Involved by Donating Today

Recurring Donation Leave a lasting impact on an organization that is working to brighten our world. Set up a recurring monthly donation today. Any amount is greatly appreciated. One Time Donation Support Team Rubicon with a one-time donation. Individual contributions (of all sizes) are critical to helping further the mission.
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